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Welcome to The Auctioneers, for the finest Highland hospitality

They keep 'em busy all day at this roomy city-centre pub built as the name suggests, on the site of an auctioneers (and before that, a church). From the regulars calling in for breakfast to the upbeat weekend revellers dancing till late, this is a bar that offers something for everyone. Whether you're enjoying your Belhaven Extra Cold over a meal, joining your mates to watch LIVE SPORT on one of the 12 television screens or meeting a fellow shopper for an afternoon coffee, The Auctioneers will make you feel at home.


Opening times

Mon -Thu: 10am-11pm

Fri- 10am-1am

Sat: 10am-3am

Sun: 10am-11pm


Breakfast served from 10am to 12pm daily

Main menu served from 11am daily

Food last orders 9pm


Working for Belhaven can be many things to many people – for some it may be a fun job in a stimulating environment with great colleagues, for others it may be more about a career with a respected employer who offers exciting prospects. Whatever you’re looking for, we may have just the role to suit you. All our senior management team have a history of working behind bars long before moving into their current roles and indeed we run a bespoke course to help develop assistant managers into our managers of the future. So why not apply today? It might just be the best move you make!

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